Friday, 22 March 2013

Words Have Consequences

One of our first projects for third year was to film a one minute movie (in groups) under the theme 'Be Part of the Solution'. We got the highest mark - 95%! It is stop-frame photography, we all had a part in shooting and editing it. We've have quite a few views on Youtube, and been featured on a blog and are going to be at the KZN Gay and Lesbian film festival, which is quite cool.
My team mates were Nathan Thomas, Skye Steen, Tasheera Jai Jai, Belinda Keppler and Lara Upton. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lady Green Branding

For our end-of-year control project we were paired with a jewellery design student from our campus, and we had to design them a logo, postcard, business card, letterhead and blog. I was paired with Deidre Green, a 4th year student. 

Flirt! Magazine

Another one of my favourite projects: design a magazine cover with a 3 page article, and 2 x 1 page artcicles ( I did 3 x 1 page articles). We had a day of shooting for the cover, and inside all the photos are mine except for the Dying to be thin? photo. 

5fm Takeover Weekend

We designed A5 flyers to advertise the 5fm Takeover Weekend in Durban. My lecturer loved the first one, but I enjoyed making the second one so much too. We had to use only type again, although by then we were pushing the boundaries of "type only".


One of my favourite projects from second year: design patterns. We started off making simple shapes (circle, star, diamonds etc.) and inserting them into the swatches panel. Then we were instructed to make shapes using a typeface. All of my shapes in the patterns (excluding the people figures and the circus pattern) were made from the font Monotype Corvisa. We had to have more than 1 colour option. I even ended up printing the first pattern (and it's complementary pattern - which is below the main picture) in black and white on fabric, and made cushions out of it - they look really cool! 

Copy Cat

Using the self portrait, which we'd done at the beginning of the year, at the end of second year we did a project called Copy Cat. We had to choose 3 artists, then choose an illustration from each, and complete our self portraits in the same style. (and say how we achieved it). I chose Devon Smith, Jason Levesque and Am I Collective. 

Self Portrait

In Adobe Illustrator we had to use the pen tool to draw lines (only lines) over a photo the lecture took of us, to create a self portrait