Monday, 18 March 2013

Portrait of a famous person: Rudolf Nureyev

Brief: choose a famous person. Illustrate them using visual metaphors.

Mine: . Rudolf Nureyev - a famous ballet dancer. 
Soviet Russian Flag - he was from the USSR, a communist country, which he defected from
Male/female signs - he had many sexual partners, male and female
Teapot - he discovered the beauty of tea whilst in London. Also he was a HUGE fusspot
Piggy Bank - he came from a very poor family, and died a wealthy man
Cock/chicken - He was a big cock. Also: he would only eat steak for dinner. Whilst staying with Margot Fonteyn (a prima ballerina) he was served chicken for dinner. He said the a chicken dinner equalled a chicken performance. 
Music notes - he was exceptionally musical whilst dancing, interpreting it to the fullest
Ribbon - he was HIV positive, and died of AIDS
Camera - he was in a few movies

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